K&L Consulting - Helping AIDS Orphaned Children in Tanzania & Kenya

There are few times in one’s life where we get the chance to define who we are and what
makes up our character. June of 2005 was one of those times for me.

Several members, myself included, of the Chicago Chapter of American Society of Trainers
and Developers (CCASTD) teamed up with Global Alliance for Africa (
GAA: tax deductible
503c3) and with
Working Bikes Cooperative to help those who are less fortunate in Tanzania
and Kenya. We paid our own way to help orphaned children make a better life for themselves.

GAA is a Chicago based organization whose aim is to break the cycle of dependence by
assisting orphanages. These orphanages care for children Tanzania and Kenya who have
lost one or both parents to AIDS. It is mind boggling to know that 50% of all children in
Tanzania and Kenya fit in this category. These children are like all children, they need a
chance. Instead of the orphanages awaiting aid, GAA works with the orphanages and
children to provide them with the skills, medical care, and other needs.

Working Bikes Cooperative is a Chicago based organization that mends old, forgotten bikes.
They sell some and ship the rest to third world countries around the world where they are
used for transportation and movement of items to their markets.

Working Bikes donated 500 bicycles to GAA. The group I traveled with delivered business and
bike repair training to the orphanage care givers so they could teach older children how to set
up their own businesses selling and repairing bicycles.

Tanzania was recently ranked THE poorest country in the world by Time magazine. Ninety-
four percent of the country is uninhabitable. There is little in the way of transportation, this is
why bicycles will are so important.

Would you like to help? Here's what they need - MONEY!

Please visit GAA and donate what you can afford. If you are going to donate online use this
www.globalallianceafrica.org, click on “Make a Donation”, click the last bullet and type in
“MADE in Africa – Loukia Verhage”. See the example below to fill out the form.

If you are going to mail in your contribution, please make your check payable to GAA, in the
memo write “MADE in Africa – Loukia Verhage”. You can send the checks to me or to GAA
(703 W Monroe, Chicago, IL 60605, 312-382-0607).

Please forward this on to any one and everyone that looking for a way to help make a
difference in our world.

Thank you for your generosity!

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